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Stay in your home.

Home is where your heart is.
Living in the familiar surroundings of your own home is important to you. You want to maintain your social networks and remain active in your hobbies, community and place of worship.

My Home Matters, LLC, develops individualized plans for homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati area looking to make their homes more "user friendly", functional, comfortable and easy to navigate.

As an experienced certified aging in place specialist and occupational therapist, Ginny Hughes of My Home Matters, LLC, evaluates your specific needs to develop stylish solutions that can make everyday life at home more convenient now and in the future so that you can stay in your home. Ginny is dedicated to finding practical solutions so that your home does not become a barrier to your independence.

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My Home Matters helps with immediate need due to:

My Home Matters helps with future needs:

Solutions can be simple, no-cost or low cost changes to make your home more livable. Solutions can also involve larger-scale modifications such as structural changes.

Examples of no-cost or low cost changes:

Examples of larger-scale modifications: